How is Buffalo Teardrops different from other rental companies or online RV share sites?

All of our teardrops are new, 2023 model trailers. All of our teardrops have:

  • Queen size beds
  • Freshly laundered bedding
  • Galley kitchen fully stocked with all the pots, pans, utensils, and equipment you will need on your trip.
  • Roto- molded Yeti style cooler, camping stove, french press, coffee grinder included with each trailer.
  • Camping chairs included with every trailer.
  • On board battery and solar power with USB and 12v charging.
  • Roof rack and shade awning included on most of our trailers.
  • Large selection of adventure gear available for rent to augment your camping experience.

Our full-time business is the rental of modern, classically designed teardrop trailers and gear for an easy, turnkey getaway experience. And we obsess over the details. 

We are experienced campers and explorers ourselves, so we can help guide you to an amazing camping experience.

Can my vehicle tow a Buffalo Teardrop?

Buffalo Teardrops are very lightweight, and can be towed by many vehicles from crossovers and larger. Check the owner's manual to verify your towing capacity. Our trailers weigh 1,500 lbs dry. Keep in mind, towing capacity of a vehicle usually requires you to also take into account the weight of your passengers and luggage, etc. So, make sure your vehicle can tow more than just 1,500 lbs. We recommend a minimum of 2,000 lb towing capacity.

What if my vehicle doesn't have a trailer hitch?

Trailer hitches are actually fairly easy to install on most vehicles. Most dealership service departments will install a hitch. Some local U-Haul locations offer trailer hitch installation, as do many vehicle sports-rack stores, such as Rack N Road. Contact us for a recommended location near you.

I've never towed a trailer before. Is it hard?

  • Buffalo teardrops are lightweight and relatively easy to tow. Of course, extra caution should be exercised when towing any trailer. Make wider turns than normal, be aware of your surroundings and increased blind spots, and always have a spotter when backing up the trailer.
  • Not comfortable backing up a trailer? Not a problem! We can give you some pointers when you pick up your Buffalo Teardrop.
  • Additionally, because our trailers are so lightweight, when you get to your destination, with a relatively level campsite, you can simply unhook your trailer and push it into position by hand and forget worrying about backing it up.

What's the payment process for the rental?

We require 50% payment of your total reservation cost at the time you make your reservation, and will charge the other 50%, plus the security deposit when you pick up the trailer. The security deposit will be refunded after your trip, providing there are no incidents requiring otherwise.

What is your cancelation policy?

Your trip is fully refundable if canceled prior to fourteen days from your trip. If canceled within fourteen days, your pre-payment deposit is non-refundable.

What are the pick up and return times?

Pick up time is 10am. To allow for enough time for the Buffalos to be cleaned and prepared for the next renter, return time is no later than 4pm.

How do I book?

Book your Buffalo Teardrop in the “Our Teardrops” section of the website, which lists our available teardrop trailers.

How to I get my Buffalo Teardrop when it is time for my trip?

Our shop is located near Old Roseville at 951 Washington Blvd STE 503, Roseville, CA 95678.

On your departure day, come to our shop and we'll have your buffalo clean and prepared for your trip, ready for you to simply hook up to and head out.

If you would like to discuss a different meeting location or if you would like to talk to us about delivering your Buffalo Teardrop to your campsite for an additional fee, please reach out to us.

Are pets allowed? 

  • While we love our pets, they are not allowed except by written permission of Buffalo Teardrops. 
  • If we do approve your pet, there will be an additional fee of $20/ day, plus an additional security deposit of $200, and you must provide your own bedding for the duration of your trip.
  • If extra cleaning is required, we reserve the right to charge the credit card on file or charge against the security deposit to recover cost for cleaning or repairs. 

What’s included in the galley kitchen?

We stock the galley full of all the pots, pans, dishware, silverware, utensils that you need. 

We also include salt, pepper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, a french press with coffee grinder, classic Coleman camping stove with a 1lb bottle of propane, (usually plenty for week of camping) and a 55qt roto-molded Yeti style cooler. 

What’s the bedding situation? 

  • Our teardrops come with a queen size tri-fold 4.5” thick memory foam mattress, freshly laundered sheets, comforter, and pillows. 
  • We will happily have the bed made for you prior to your trip, but we find that most people prefer to have the bed folded out of the way and make the bed when they arrive at camp so that they can store additional gear inside the teardrop while they travel. 
  • *see pet policy above regarding bedding when traveling with an approved pet*

Can I fit in a Buffalo Teardrop?

Our beds are a standard queen size bed, so you can be confident that you’ll be as comfortable in our beds as you would be at home! There’s plenty of headroom to sit up, change, access your clothing and other items in the cabinets, etc. You’ll be surprised at how roomy the cabin is!

What if I really like the teardrop? Can I buy it?

Our current herd of Buffalo Teardrops are brand new as of the 2023 season. Eventually, we may occasionally sell our trailers as we look to update our fleet. If you are interested in purchasing one, let us know and we will add you to our list!

Is there air conditioning/ heaters?

  • Based in California, we find that most destinations don’t require air conditioning at night, and we don’t find ourselves inside the teardrops during the day. Each Buffalo Teardrop comes equipped with a multi-speed overhead vent fan, which can vent both in and out. Open one or both windows, turn on the fan, and this will be the most comfortable sleep of any camping experience.
  • For heat, we find that such a small space doesn’t take much to keep us warm. We sometimes use a heated blanket to warm the bed up initially, but a cozy comforter is usually plenty warm in the climates we camp in, given the efficiency of keeping a teardrop cabin cozy. 
  • Please note, that due to the condensation which is produced when we breathe, it is important to always sleep with the vent fan on and a window open, so that the ventilation removes the moist air, preventing condensation from forming on the windows and doors. 

What do I do for water at camp?

Our trailers come with a 7 gallon water container for easy transportation and refilling at camp.

How do I secure the trailer if I leave it at the campsite? 

Several means of securing your Buffalo Teardrop will be provided, and your departure brief will include a demonstration of how to use these devices. All the doors and compartments have locks, and you will be provided with keys for each of them. 

What if there’s a roadside issue? 

Since we routinely inspect and service our trailers, we don’t anticipate there being any issues on your trip, However, each trailer comes with a spare tire which uses standard size lug nuts for easy replacement should a flat tire occur. 

Can I take this to Burning Man? 

We’re sorry, but due to excessive wear and tear on equipment for Burning Man, we do not allow any of our units to be rented for use at Burning Man. Failure to comply with this policy will result in charges to the credit card on file to repair or replace the damaged units according to our discretion.

Are the trailers GPS tracked? 

Yes, to prevent theft and damage, as noted in our terms and conditions, Buffalo Teardrops utilizes GPS or similar technology to track our trailers.

Does Buffalo Teardrops have insurance? What does it cover?

We provide collision and comprehensive insurance on all of our trailers with a deductible. However, in the event of damage to the trailer during your rental, you would be responsible for the deductible amount(s) and any other damages or losses not covered by our insurance. We do not provide liability insurance for you. So if, for example, your use of the trailer results in damage to someone’s property, our insurance does not cover that. Instead, we require every customer to either provide evidence of trailer liability coverage through their automobile policy, or purchase trailer liability coverage from our carrier at a nominal cost. We can facilitate this for you.

Can I read your rental agreement?

Our rental agreement can be downloaded in PDF form here.

Can I smoke in the trailers?

No. We pride ourselves on providing super-clean trailers with no odors, so smoking is not allowed in any of our trailers.

Can I drive off road?

Our trailers are sturdy, but should only be driven on paved or smooth gravel roads. They are not built for off-road use. (That’s why they’re so comfy!)

Who is allowed to drive/tow the trailer?

All drivers must be at least 25 years of age, have a valid driver’s license, and have signed the rental agreement.